So, who am I?

I am passionate. I am thriving. I am blessed. I am accomplished. I am a friend, a valued community member. I am strong. I am confident. I am healthy. I am powerful. I am able.

I want to share with you why my project, “Running as re-formation,” is something I so strongly believe in. In my experience, running is a catalyst for healing, hope, and health.

In this post, and the one to follow, I will share stories that illustrate why running matters to my  life. My goal is to help you– my supporters, friends, and global-family– to know me better and understand why I am taking my passion for running to Uganda to work with former child-soldiers.

running red treesAt various times in my life, this is what running has meant to me…

Running, my passion.

Running, my life-blood.

Running, my refuge.

Running, my achievement.

Running, my community.

As I grow and become more authentically me, running has (and continues to be) a catalyst…

Running gives me strength.

Running gives me confidence.

Running gives me health.

Running has empowered me.

Running has enabled me.

Now I want to share with you what happened when I lost my ability to run.

Just last October I developed a running-related injury in my right foot. After two months and a few misdiagnoses I finally had a correct label for my injury and an action plan for dealing with it. My injury was called capsulitis, basically the distance runner’s version of turf-toe.

According to my doctor, it would take a couple weeks to heal with proper care. I thought to myself, “This is doable. I will take perfect care of myself. Only a few more weeks and I will be back!”

That was not the case.

My tiny second metatarsal joint did not take a couple weeks to heal. Instead, it took a few months. Six, to be exact. Six months that felt very, very long. This experience more than tested my patience. I was forced to find a new stress reliever, new forms of happiness. I had to learn how to build community and friendships off the track and trails and struggled with how to feel beautiful without the freedom to run every day. Honestly, I had to find other joys in life. This was a rough time for me.

I grew a lot during those months. They stretched me and very much for the better.

Then the day came when I was able to run again. My foot was ready to be tested. It was only a mile, but it was a start.

High on hope and immersed in the joy of being able to move with some sort of swiftness, I wrote my elation down… just to document the experience and I never thought I’d share it.

My next post will be that run’s reflection. For now I just want to leave you with this thought: the joys, strengths, bits of hope, that running has brought into my life, can also be brought into the lives of former child-soldiers in Uganda.

This is my dream. I am asking you to help me get there by making a financial contribution. Please take a moment, through PayPal, to partner with me in Uganda.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

You are appreciated.


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