Track talking and 400 meters, done!

I tend to think in terms of track distances and running events (having been a miler myself) and with that framework I want to report that we are “400 meters” into my support-raising efforts! This means that 25% of my trip’s financial needs have been met.  This is SO AWESOME!!! Wow, I am humbled and excited, and feeling especially grateful. To those who have given to my project, thank you, thank you, thank you! To those who are planning to give, or who are still thinking about it… please do link arms with me on this project. I am under the wire to raise the remainder of the funds and your support will go a long way (all the way to Sub-Saharan Africa, in fact).

keep calm and click on

I understand that giving to a cause that will take place halfway around the world might seem impersonal. I also recognize that finances are tight for many individuals and families.

Let me assure you on both accounts. First, I intend to stay connected with my supporters before, during and after the trip. While in Uganda I want to include you as much as possible by sending you postcards, telling you stories and sharing photos of the children and the project. And, heaven knows, I will keep you up to date about the beauty and pains of the journey through this blog.

I want this to be a project you JOINED… not simply another cause you wrote a check to support. Additionally, let me affirm that any donated amount matters immensely to me. If finances are tight, would you consider giving $5? Not only does this help me financially, but it encourages me as I prepare to go.

My project, and the trip as a whole, are no small feat. I don’t think for a second this will be an easy journey. But, when I receive a check or Paypal notification from someone, regardless of the amount, it is so encouraging. It helps me feel like I am supported and loved by my friends, my family, my fellow runners and the global community at large.

Blessings, friends,


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