Lira 101: video journaling : LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION?

My dear friend and Ugandan-sister extraordinaire, Devon, taught me how to record and upload videos today. This is going to be such an awesome thing to do while I am in Uganda. I admit, it is pretty ridiculous that I made it all the way through my first year of graduate school and just today learned how to do this… and I am SO excited about it!

lights_camera_action_by_protoprimus-d57naeyDevon gave me more pointers, insights and advice about Lira during our coffee-date at Peet’s. She even drew me a little map of the town center, helping me get a sense for how the town is set up and what I can expect. She is the best friend and mentor I could have. I just love this girl!

****** time lapse, 10 minutes******

Okay, so, maybe not as much ‘action’ as we had hoped.

Despite the fact that I can now record videos, I have not yet figured out how to successfully upload them on this blog. However the Kelsey+Uganda Facebook page does have the video up and running. Chances are it will make you laugh. It is definitely worth a minute of your time. Here’s the link!

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