Before I die I want to _________________ .

I watched a brief TED talk today and got this wild idea!? You ready?…


I want to put up a board, as public art, in the Lira, Uganda community. The board would read:

“Before I die I want to _____________”

Attached to the board would be chalk for people walking by to fill in the blank for themselves (there are many, many lines provided.)

before-i-die image

Boards have been put up all over the world! So far there is only one on the African continent, and that is in South Africa. I want one in Uganda!

The art project would create space for public creativity, inviting community input and collaboration. It would be the community’s art work. The blank lines invite people to fill in their aspirations, their thoughts, their dreams, and “bucket list” item(s).

before i die florida

There are many amazing benefits to this. I can think of a couple (and I know there are certainly many more that just haven’t dawned on me yet.)

One, people get a chance to share their voice… this includes children!

before i die spain

Two, the community gets to see what others are saying.

before i die texas

Three, it creates public art for everyone to enjoy… and that right there is a beautiful thing.

before i die south africa

The Civic Center ( has put together a toolkit for starting a wall. Here is what I am thinking: I could order one of these toolkits before I leave for Uganda and take it with me!

Each kit includes a large 39″ x 50″ stencil with a full column of the fill-in-the-blank sentence, “Before I die I want to _______.” The stencil is manufactured from extra thick .10 mm mylar. This means it easily hangs flat and rigid so you can spray-paint with minimal tape and time. Thinner stencils will buckle because of all the horizontal lines.

The kit also includes a 10′ long paper headline stencil, metal chalk holders, two boxes of multicolored chalk, vinyl gloves, and a comprehensive how-to guide.

One kit costs $125. The creators of this kit have kept the costs as low as possible, with hopes that anyone who wants to start their own wall will be able to. WANT TO SEE/READ ABOUT THE TOOLKIT YOURSELF?

Here’s where I need a sponsor.

Will someone please help me buy the toolkit?

Here is how this can happen:

Step 1.) Look to the top of this page for the “Donate Now” tab. Click the tab.

Step 2.) Now you are one my “Donate Now” page. Click on the Paypal “Donate” button. This will bring you quickly and safely to my Paypal account.

Step 3.) Give what you can.

Step 4.) Make sure you put “Toolkit” in the “Purpose” section on the Paypal donation page.


before i die image CA

Maybe one of the kids I will be working with this summer will be inspired to fill in a line with “run fast!” That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?!

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