Do more than watch, HELP!

In the world of blogging (I say that like I am SO experienced) there really is something to be said for fellow writers who advocate on your behalf. What do I mean? I mean, when someone else takes it upon themselves to DO something for you, write about what you are doing, put a fresh spin on things… in this case, my project in Northern Uganda, my effort to help former child-soldiers.


Plainly said, when someone helps me it takes the pressure off me to do everything myself. In the realm of blogs, tweets and Facebook posts I have discovered some people do a better job explaining things that I do… fresh eyes and perspective make all the difference! And frankly, I welcome that!

My friend Julia Webb (who happens to be one of the best steeple-chasers in the United States right now. I am a very proud friend!) took on such a task and wrote a really solid blog yesterday about my project. In her post she explained how the project came to be- which is vital.

I admit the “how” of this project, as in “how did this come together”, is very intricate and interwoven. The “how” follows a 3+ year chain of events. Honestly, I have been too overwhelmed to write it all out.

But Julia made a succinct and organized (albeit funny and inspiring) story out of it. She helped me so much by doing so. In telling the whole story not only did she provide a 20/20 look-back for me to see how far things have come, but she also took a lot of pressure off me to try to explain it all myself.

One of my favorite lines in her blog also articulates really well why running will help these children, here is what she wrote, “No doubt they have lots of stored up anger and what better way to cleanse themselves than to run their hearts out.” Well freaking said, Jules!

Then this evening another (very, very) high-level runner posted this on his Facebook page, along with a link to this blog. His words say so well what I have been trying to get at all along… and in a way that will make sense to runners, which I appreciate. I had to share this with you too, he says,

“What if “killing it” meant that a former Ugandan child soldier was hammering a workout instead of shooting a rifle? YOU can make that a reality, and this young lady will do the legwork (literally) for you. An absolute must read~”

My two word response, a resounding: THANK YOU!

Now, here’s where I get a little more vulnerable with you…ready? I have been feeling a little (okay, more like a lot) burnt out in the last two weeks. I have been preparing for this project specifically, mostly on my own, for nearly 7 months. Therefor, it is really nice when people speak for me, on my behalf, putting into words so well what I have been trying to say all along, giving a fresh take on what I am doing.

I also really value that these friends spoke up for me, advocating for my project and thus, the children in Northern Uganda. Their efforts are reaching larger audiences than I can on my own. So, for those who read this post, please, please do whatever you can to tell more people about this project. Re-blog one of my posts or write about it in your own words, Tweet this blog’s url and hashtag #kelsey+uganda, join the project’s Facebook page @ Kelsey+Uganda and then share this blog on your page, email your friends a post from this blog, tell your co-workers at lunch, bring it up at church, let your kids know about the kids in Uganda: Do something!

Please don’t read this and then forget about it. I need your help still! Please do more than watch me do this project, join me and actI know I may sounds a little intense here, but this is a big deal (and I also happen to be kind of intense anyways) 🙂

The more people that are aware and involved the better chances are for change, hope and healing for the children I will work with.

Big thanks to my friends who have stepped up to the plate for my project and for the sake of the former child-soldiers in Lira, Uganda. I am forever grateful and I can’t wait to tell them how much my friends back in America care about them too.

(Oh, by the way I leave in exactly 2 weeks + 2 days and I still have $2000 left to raise… please donate any amount you can to Paypal, see button below.)

To give please use the PayPal button below. All donations go straight to the project. Click this button, it will take you where you need to go. If you do not have a PayPal account that is no problem, you can still use PayPal. Just look for the “Don’t Have a PayPal?”

Awpoyo & ameri matek!


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