Arrival Day!

Hello friends. An hour ago I landed in Uganda. What an amazing and crazy day it has been!


In 24 hours I have flown over 5000 miles, had an incredible amount of good luck (say for example, I got bumped to a nicer seat for free and also got to hangout with one of the cutest, most chubby babies ever on my flight out of Kigali, Rwanda), have met a handful of interesting and cool people from all over the world, exchanged stories and contacts AND the Runner’s World article went live!

Now that’s a productive Tuesday.

At this very moment, I am happy, excited, and incredibly tired… but still adamant upon saying thank you to everyone who has been involved in the launching of this project. I have been preparing for this for quite some time. It is surreal to actually be here. YOU made that happen with your support, donations, encouragement and prayers.

Please continue your efforts because in lots of ways this journey has just begun. I invite you to comment on the blog, please ask questions, let me know you are “listening,” and let’s keep the dialogue going– this is a two way street.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you. Know I will have photos up for you to see as soon as possible, but the internet situation here is different than in the US so please be patient with me as I figure that out and then upload photos. I really, really encourage you to “Follow” this blog, by clicking the Follow button on the top of the page. This way you will receive notification with each new post vs. having to keep checking back on your own periodically.

Awpoyo (thank you), my friends.

Love from the Pearl of Africa,


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