First run : The lovely faces and sights of Entebbe, Uganda

Good morning from Uganda! My first run was awesome and hopefully will rust-bust my jet-leg. Here’s hoping.

As I am sure you can imagine I was not the only out early this morning… check out these photos from my run.

Having stayed near the airport I ran a route that took me out near Lake Victoria. The scenery was beautiful- the humidity was intense.


About a mile into my run I met Liam, a little boy smiling alongside his mother tending her garden.


Further down the road I ran past a church full of people worshiping at a mid-week service. The sun is not quite out yet, and the sky really makes for a beautiful backdrop.


As I continued on I met school children on their way to class. When I asked these two for permission to take their photo the older sister replied, “Yes please.” So Sweet.


Near the turn around point of my run I noticed this huge building/house. My best guess it that it is an abandoned colonial. Despite it’s worn condition it is still really beautiful and makes me wonder how it could be restored and used today?


Toward the end of my run I saw a boy out for a run himself- granted he was probably in a rush to get to school, but still, seeing him jogging out there was such an exciting reminder of why I have come to Uganda.


It is hard to explain just how happy I am to be here! Uganda has welcomed me kindly and I could not be more grateful. Happy running to you today… get on out there and get your miles in!

From the Pearl of Africa,


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