Sports bra mania.

Kopango (greetings) from Lira, Uganda!

Meet the newly formed Lira Integrated School girl’s running team!


Remember those sports bras I collected? Take a look at the excitement that came when I gifted them out. Here I am fitting Juliet.


Dillise gets her first sports bra, and Nissi and Gloria for wait their turn.


The girls insisted upon trying them on, right there next to our practice field after today’s run and sprints. Concy wasn’t so sure about my fitting skills… but we got the right one eventually.


Here the ladies gathering as a group and look so, so pleased with themselves!

ImageAfter our public “fitting session” we took a group photo, bras on (this was not my idea by the way.) Then the girls proceeded to dinner with the bra still fitted on the outside of their dresses and sports clothes. Okay then. Ha!


Awpoyo (thanks) and amari (love) from Lira,


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