Love is an action word.

I have been saying all along that we must “do more than watch” per the children in Uganda and the project I am leading. It is not good enough for me to go to Lira, Uganda and you or anyone else to sit back and observe action-less. Well guess what folks, you did something. You did something great.

Less than two weeks ago I asked for your help, yet again. I asked you to partner with me so we could give one pair of running shoes to each of the incredible children I have been working with in Lira, Uganda. Your response was outstanding and I have begun giving the shoes out. I am so pleased to share some of the photos with you. Thank you for doing something. Thank you for getting involved and acting in a tangible, impactful way. Here is what your love in action looks like for some special kids in Lira.

This is where we began.





These kids live with a spirit of gratitude, so they were not complaining. I think it is important that you know they were not expecting me to give them shoes. Instead they have taken to running with ease and excitement, eager to learn. They come to practice ready to have fun, even barefooted because they know nothing else…. this whole “give them shoes” idea was just something that came to me along the way.

I thought there was a chance we- “we” the collective caring body of people who are following this trip and vision, Childrens Running Project Uganda- could do better for these kids. I suspected we could all give a bit more of ourselves, our hearts and a little bit of our pocket books. I hoped that by giving them a small gift we could bless them in their pursuit of running and an all around better life. I must also add that we have not solved their problems, absolved their poverty or saved them from their pasts or their present lives. But we have shown them that they are loved and valued, and that is a good and necessary start.

These shoes help them run better, easier, safer, and also demonstrate love, your love in action.

So we raised some money (well… you raised the money and I was wowed!) This is the first of multiple bags.Image

I opened this bag up like a kid on Christmas morning!


I sorted through all the shoes, making sure they were the correct style and high in quality. Then I went to practice and starting fitting the bare feet of some of the happiest, most excited runners I’ve ever seen.






All together now, laced up and ready to roll.


Don’t let some of there more-serious faces fool you. These guys are all types of kind, silly and sweet. But some of them insist upon looking as tough as possible in photos. Ha. The hill workout we did 30 minutes later had them all pretty humbled.  A two mile warm up, plus dynamic dills, then 10 times 200 meter repeats on dirt, running hard up the hill and easy down. They ran great. Good thing they had running shoes.

Thank you for making this happen, friends!



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