Run, stretch, smile, repeat.

Three videos for you today!

The first video is of a few powerful moments where you can see and hear us all running together in unison. Pretty cool stuff.


The second video is of me doing a little “coaching.” Not only do you get to listen to me try to catch my breath, but you also get to see what is really going on. This video is totally impromptu (and dorky). I give a quick description of what, where and why we are doing this project, how it’s going and what I am hopeful this will bring for the future of these children.


The third video features a brief interaction I had with some villagers (women and children) during our run today. Community support is really important for the health, longevity and impact of my work. I finally got the nerve up to ask what they thought of this running thing. The response was encouraging.


Ameri matek,


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