Kate runs Boston

My dear and most zen friend, Kate, is running the Boston Marathon in nearly 3 weeks! This is her second year at Boston. Last year she set a life time p.r. and has been training her hinny off to have another great race.

kate eugene marathon

Last year at Boston also marks a terrible, terrible tragedy- the Boston Bombings. Like other runners, Kate’s indomitable, champion spirit is venturing back out on that course to crush another 26.2 miles. I am so proud of Kate and I will be cheering for her all the way!

I am honoured that she has chosen Children’s Running Project Uganda as her race cause. She will be raising money for Phase II of this project. I am pretty ecstatic about this! To see for yourself what the first phase of this project was like watch the video HERE.

Please support Kate in her marathon by giving to this project. Use the PayPal button below. All donations go straight to the project. Click this button, it will take you where you need to go. If you do not have a PayPal account that is no problem, you can still use PayPal. Just look for the “Don’t Have a PayPal?” section on the PayPal page (just click the button below!)

Go get em’ Kate!


Awpoyo & ameri matek!

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